You would
do anything
for your pet

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so would we, thats
why we developed
Q Holistic brand..

Cat love

Our cat formula incorporates
the freshest ingredients
sourced locally.

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you've got it
& we do too!

Healthier Pets

One bowl at a time

We are confident in our ingredients

let us explain the use of each and every one!

We only put the best in our Holistic Blend and we have the Science to back it up. Just head over to our explanation of ingredients page.

Over 78% of our ingredients are sourced from local farmers & sources.

Our packaging is unique in that we use a foil bag that contains a degassing valve. This unique valve protects the food from the harmful effects of oxygen and moisture.

This is a Ruffin’s Brand so we can keep cost’s down. Just locate one of our stores & shop our full selection of Q Holistic products


All life stages formula, so there is no need to change foods

  • No Byproducts, no fillers, no artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives
  • Hormone Free chicken, fruits, vegetables and whole grains
  • Pro-biotics, Pre-biotics, chelated minerals, glucosamine, L-Carnitine
  • Contains 25% Protein and 16% fat
  • Quality ingredients and all natural
  • Our packaging is unique! We used the flavour lock packaging much like coffee so it keeps your pets food fresh!
  • Comes in dog and cat formula!

Our all natural pet foods contain nothing but the highest quality ingredients. Nothing is added to this formula that doesn’t need to be there. Every ingredient for the Q Holistic blend plays a part to make your dog healthier one bowl at a time.

6 Benefits of Q Holistic

Supports long term organ health and youthful vitality

Maintains lean muscle and helps avoid excessive body fat

Keeps teeth and gums healthy

Promotes healthy skin and luxurious coat.

Provides the building blocks of healthy joints and cartilage.

Supports the immune system between vaccinations.

Where can you get Q Holistic pet foods?